Privacy Policy



Nibbles.it S.r.l. ("Nibbles"), the company providing the Quix service, supplies data concerning the use of personal data given in order to have access to the previously mentioned service, in compliance with D.lgs 30 June 2003 n°196, denominated “Code for the protection of personal data” (" D.lgs 196/2003").


According to art.13 D.lgs 196/2003 of the italian law code we notify the following:
  1. Personal data is subject to being processed (as defined in art. 4, 2° comma lett. in D.lgs 196/2003), in the automated archive computer system of Nibbles, in relation to Nibbles business activities and Nibbles Services:
    1. for billing purposes;
    2. to provide the Quix service;
    3. to send you communication about the Quix Service;
    4. only and exclusively if you have explicitly authorised the sending of commercial communications related to Quix;
    5. for internal and anonymous statistics and marketing.
  2. Any revocation of consensus as per art.13 first comma lett. c regarding purposes sub 1.1 and 1.2, will make it impossible for Nibbles to provide the service.
  3. Providing personal data and acceptance of the general conditions of contract are required in order to obtain the Quix service. Nibbles reserves the right to interrupt the service if the information given is deemed to be unreliable.
  4. All personal data you have given can be communicated exclusively only to:
    1. companies linked to or controlled by our group;
    2. public and private bodies in accordance with the duties of the law;
    3. personal data can be transferred abroad, subject to agreement and to the terms of articles 43 and 44 D.lgs 196/2003
  5. Article 7 D.lgs 196/2003 provides with certain rights in relation to the use of your personal data, among which:
    1. the right to obtain information a) about the origin of personal data; b) terms and conditions of its use; c) of the logic applied if data used by means of electronic devices;
    2. the right to have data updated, rectified, cancelled or changed into an anonymous form or completly lockout if the information is used in violation of the law;
    3. the right to oppose the service in conformity with the above mentioned conditions but only for legitimate reasons;
    4. the right to oppose the service for commercial or promotional information, or the mailing of publicity or market research material.
  6. The owner of the service is Nibbles.it S.r.l., in person, who, from time to time, has legal representation for the company, unless a person is otherwise nominated, in accordance with D.lgs 196/2003. For all forms of communication you can write via email to privacy@quixgame.com or to: Nibbles.it S.r.l., Via Rodolfo Savelli 33, 16143 Genova, Italy, by recorded delivery.